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Many designers, two brands, one country.

Denmark is known for it’s delicious pastries, but there is one more thing that I personally associate very closely to Denmark and that is their Furniture industry. The Danish have style. Two of my favorite furniture brands are from Denmark, Bolia and BoConcept. We have to acknowledge that there are major similarities between the two brands, but there are those little differences that makes one of them better than the other one.

  1. Bolia’s furniture has better quality. This is spoken from personal experience. Having had furniture from both companies, my BoConcept extendable dining table is now all ruined (after only one year). Why? The MDF material is very sensitive therefore the thin coating on the top doesn’t suffice to keep it unharmed by water. For instance when I wipe the table with a a damp cloth the top colored layer is detached from the MDF.
  2. Delivery Time– BoConcept delivery was postponed due to late shipment of their product. The delivery was delayed to 6 weeks later than the scheduled time.
  3. Ignorance- My Volani highboard with drop down door from BoConcept which arrived 6 weeks late, had one of the doors screwed one centimeter below where it should’ve been attached, hence making the appearance of the furniture uneven.
  4. Design – I have to say design wise, both brands compete closely. For me, BoConcept designs are more fit for smaller houses (Compact Living) whereas Bolia’s furniture usually require a lot of space.
  5. Price – Bolia has very good offers on their sofas lately so it is really worth it. For me BoConcept is priced mostly based on design rather than quality.

Having pointed out the above, the winner is Bolia for sure! Comment if you have something to add or disagree with my points. As I said before, these are just from personal experiences.

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