How much perfume is too much?

There are no laws in this regard, which I think there should be. Too much perfume is a definitive harassment case. Why? Because you are deliberately disturbing another being. You may ask how much is too much? After a lot of experimenting I can say that there is a quantifiable measure to live by. Two puffs ladies and gentlemen, two puffs and not a puff more. Also not on your clothes, but on your skin. Perfumes are made to be sprayed on skin.

Culture of perfume

Rudolf Ernst (1854-1932) The Perfume Maker  Oil on panel

Rudolf Ernst (1854-1932) The Perfume Maker
Oil on panel

I have noticed culture plays a big part in regards to the social norm of perfume-puffing. In the middle-east the moto is the more the merrier, whilst in Scandinavia, less is considered more. There are those locations in the world that are more metropolitan such as London or NYC where you will meet all sorts of people with different preferences.

Empathic perfume consumption

If this topic seems trivial to you then you are not a sufferer of this nuisance. If you are one of those who gets concurrent migraines, or your sense of smell is stronger than others, you have asthma or you have relevant allergic reactions then you know why this is an important subject and why is this a matter that needs consideration.

If there are no laws to protect a minority, it is not the end of the world. We can start with empathy and work our way from there. Empathy is the foundation of justice.

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